Transforming a cement company formed from the merger of eight local companies.



Argos was a holding company that owned a group of cement companies that had more than 50% of market share and operations in several countries. It was perceived as very low profile company and projected a fragmented brand image. The lack of differentiation in a competitive environment and the commoditization of cement hindered its regional expansion. Argos undertook an operational restructuring: it merged all local cement companies and created a more efficient integrated company. 



Marqas worked with Argos to reposition the brand in the market, as a more cohesive and customer-oriented company. We recommendes raising the visibility of the corporate brand and eliminating certain cement, concrete and distribution company brands. We created a logotype that is an evolution of the previous one, and a design system that uses a vibrant green in a distinctive way in the industry. Today, Argos has increased its share by 1.5% in a very competitive market and now projects a strong and consistent image that will help the company expand its operations and become a world-class leader.