Banco de Occidente

Redefining a traditional local bank’s brand to reflect its strength in customer service.


Banco de Occidente was perceived as a traditional bank, very respected in its local market. The rise of the Internet and its influence on the customer experience had transformed how the bank communicated and the brand didn’t reflect the bank’s strength in customer service. Management decided to create a new value proposition to serve as a guiding principle for the entire organization.



MARQAS worked with Banco de Occidente to reposition the brand. This exploration of customer perceptions and needs showed that customers valued the bank’s approachable style. “Banco Abierto” was chosen as a core idea, signifying to customers the promise of access and opportunities. We also streamlined the brand architecture and recommended to redefine the brand “Credencial” as a ew usiness seprate from the bank. The implementation of this new core concept has helped Banco de Occidente reshape its commmunications and transform the customer experience.