Creating an iconic brand for one of the largest cities in the world.



The government of Mexico City sought to generate a change in the identity of the city, taking advantage of the change of name from the Federal District to Mexico City. All the identities that had been generated for the city were not very memorable and had complicated baroque forms, with many colors that made their application difficult.



As a first strategic definition, Marqas proposed the use of an acronym, simplifying the name of Mexico City which, due to its length, presented problems of readability and application in small spaces. As for the graphic proposal, a simple and contemporary typographic logo was designed. We accompany the logo with a visual system formed by a variety of colors that refer to the dynamism, variety and diversity that exists in Mexico City. A striking, emblematic and current brand was achieved that distinguishes the City. Today we see it implemented in a number of applications such as vehicles, signage, uniforms, printed materials, etc. Since its launch in 2014, the CDMX brand has been adopted by the inhabitants of Mexico City as an icon of pride and belonging. It has positioned itself in such a way that the national and international media refer to the city simply as "the CDMX". The campaigns that have been implemented in the present administration have contributed to the consolidation and institutionalization of the city brand.