Transforming a financial services company into an energy provider. 



Colinversiones was a financial services company and its brand was mainly recognized by investors and stock brokers. In 2007, the company decided to redefine its business strategy to focus on electric energy generation and distribution. Management felt that the brand was associated with the world of finance and could not identify them as an energy company. 



MARQAS developed a brand strategy to position Colinversiones in the energy market and help them be perceived as an integrated company. We created a shorter, broader and more universal name: Celsia. The new name evokes concepts like “excellent” or “excel”. We also developed a new logo and visual identity to bring the brand closer to the energy sector. We simplified the nomenclature system of the different plants to unify brand communications. Since its launch, Celsia has grown steadily and is now positioned as a player in the energy sector.