Compañía Nacional de Chocolates

Optimizing a portfolio of 52 consumer product brands.



Compañía Nacional de Chocolates (CNCH) produces and sells bar and cocoa chocolates, milk modifiers, powdered chocolates, sweets, cereals, nuts and pastries. The company had a portfolio of 52 product brands, many of which competed in the same segment and had similar value propositions. Having grown by acquisition, there were many brands that fulfilled the same function in the portfolio.



MARQAS carried out an analysis of each of the brands within its competitive categories and, based on the results, developed a brand architecture to restructure the portfolio and optimize the role of each brand. It was determined which brands should be maintained, modified or eliminated and, in turn, the total product portfolio was structured distributing them on an axis of positioning between pleasure and well-being. The rationalization of the portfolio allowed CNCH to minimize the overlap of brands and prevent them from competing in the same category and at the same time maximize the coverage of market segments.