Redefining an oil monopoly that faced increased competition. 



Ecopetrol has been for years the state-owned petroleum monopoly in Colombia. In 2003, the government transferred the administration of petroleum resources to another entity. This situation opened the market to international competition and forced Ecopetrol to change internally to be able to compete.



MARQAS developed a brand strategy project to change the negative perceptions around the company and to reposition it around the concept of ‘energy’ instead of ‘petroleum’. We proposed a brand identity change to signal the internal transformation. The objective was to show the new Ecopetrol as a transparent, knowledgeable and socially responsible company in order to attract investors, strengthen relations with its key audiences and prepare the brand to enter new markets. Ecopetrol was redefined as the  ‘Colombian Energy’ company, emphasizing its value as an important contributor to the country’s economic and social development.