Revitalizing the identity of an integrated health services company to support its regional consolidation.



Emi grew through the acquisition of several local medical emergency services companies in different countries and is now the is the largest health and home emergency care company in Latinamerica. In spite of being the leader and pioneer in its market, key audiences didn’t understand the range of services the company offered. Moreover, due to the diverse acquisitions, Emi projected a fragmented brand image.



MARQAS developed a project that included an evolution of its brand identity and a nomenclature system. We recommended a monolithic brand architecture and a transition of all the identities of affiliate companies to the EMI brand. The new slogan ‘live at your own pace’ reflects Emi’s commitment to helping its members maintain a more active life. The nomenclature system organizes communications by client segment and clarifies access to Emi’s services and plans. The new distinctive logotype and visual system project energy and vitality, and increase the impact of Emi’s brand throughout the communications materials. Today, Emi is perceived by key audiences as a more accesible health services company.