Raising the visibility of a hotel chain brand and segmenting its portfolio to enter new markets.



Estelar is a hotel chain that operates, commercializes and invests in hotels in Colombia and four in Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. In spite of having a great reputation of excellent customer service, Estelar didn’t have a brand identity as a hotel chain. Each of the individual hotels had a good reputation but key audiences didn’t perceive they belonged to the same hotel chain. 



MARQAS’ recommendation was to raise the visibility of the Estelar corporate brand across all individual hotels’ communications and create a new brand to enter lower level hotel markets. We redesigned the visual identity maintaining some of the equity elements that had characterized the hotels. The visual system is based on the idea of a ribbon which evokes the concept of hospitality and celebration that are typical of the industry, and serves as a common thread throughout promotional materials, collateral, advertising and hotel signage. Estelar began to be perceived as an integrated hotel chain, valued by customers because of their excellent serice. With this new, unified brand identity, Estelar is ready to confidently face regional expansion.