Transformation of a telecommunication service provider into a content company.



ETB is a telecommunications company that, despite providing comprehensive communications services, was perceived as a monopoly fixed telephone company. In a market of convergent technologies, ETB sold new services under independent brands. The deregulation of the industry, led ETB to undertake internal transformation process to not lose competitiveness.



ETB repositioned itself as a competitive and customer-oriented company. The brands of the different lines of business were eliminated and the nomenclature of the services, plans and promotions was redefined. A logo and visual system were created using a very distinctive color spectrum. In September 2003, ETB launched the new brand to all audiences and repositioned successfully in the market. ETB acquired a 36.7% recognition according to a market study conducted that year. Today, ETB has been perceived as a strong national company, with comprehensive, close, modern and human communication services. Ten years later, Marqas recommended him to reinvent himself as a content company with an emotional differentiation. We work on the transition strategy to conceive the new business model that turns ETB into a provider of experiences, resulting from an understanding of customers' needs and wishes. The new brand strategy allowed ETB to modernize and flexibilize the company's image.