Revitalizing a traditional brand of tools that diversified its portfolio to enter new markets.



Herragro manufactures and sells forged hand tools for agriculture, mining and construction. Technological advances have led in many cases to the replacement of some tools by other processes. The company decided to look for new sources of growth and diversified towards the commercialization of tools in other areas and the development of highly specialized industrial forge parts.



Marqas determined that the Herragro brand was well positioned among the peasants but was perceived as a constraint to internationalize the company. We recommend keeping the Herragro brand for tools in the agricultural and construction sector and creating new brands for imported lower quality tools and for highly specialized forge pieces. We redesigned the logo and created a design system that was applied to products, packaging, brochures and other communication materials. The new visual identity is designed based on the original identity of Herragro and in turn transmits the new vision of the brand.