Redefining an agroindustrial company to enhance its leadership.



The Manuelita Group has a track record of more than 140 years and a great reputation in the market as a trustworthy and solid company. However, there was a lack of understanding regarding the scope of the Group’s activities. Although the Group had diversified its businesses, Manuelita was perceived as a company dedicated to the production of sugar. There was a need to increase the visibility of the brand and communicate the breadth of the Group's businesses.



Marqas recommended a positioning strategy based on the emotional aspects of the brand: "We work to reap the fruits of a better tomorrow". We also proposed a brand architecture organized by client type. We suggested eliminating certain product brands, creating new ones to venture into new businesses and simplifying the nomenclature system. The name Manuelita was kept but the logo and visual identity were redesigned. By 2020, Manuelita could become the leader of the agro-industrial sector in Latin America, recognized for its business model based on economic, social and environmental sustainability.