Restructuring the communications of a pension fund to facilitate access to its products and services.



Porvenir is the pension fund with the largest number of affiliates in its market. The products in the pension fund industry are regulated and very similar to each other. It was very difficult for Porvenir to differentiate itself in a tangible manner from competition. 



MARQAS defined a core concept to position Porvenir as the pension fund that facilitates the experience of saving and investing. To accomplish that, we organized its communications by moment of interaction or service offered throughout the clients’life cycle. We eliminated all the sub-brands and streamlined the nomenclature system. The visual system was enhanced adding new colors, typographies and images allowing for a more flexible visual design system. The changes  have made Porvenir a more accesible, direct and approachable company and have allowed it to differentiate itself from the competition through a better client experience.