Revitalizing and extending  a chocolate brand that now projects energy, vitality  and youth.



Sol is a very well known chocolate brand in its market. The decrease in chocolate consumption due to a growing trend towards natural, low-calorie and easy to prepare products, led the Casa Luker marketing department to reexamine their market positioning and the brand extension potential to other product lines.



Marqas recommended a change in the tone that had characterized Sol’s image and an emphasis on the concept of  ‘energy’ that is broader and more flexible and potentially more attractive for young consumers. The new logotype has elements like sparks and flashes that make it more dynamic, and allow it to twist and turn.  The visual design system is inspired in the radiation of the sun and the white color behind the logo conveys the idea of an energy source. The new identity was applied to the packaging of the different chocolate flavors and was extended to two complementary products: a milk chocolate and a chocolate candy bar. Today, Sol projects a modern and distinctive brand image which is the platform of all the brand’s communications.