Restructuring of a diversified group to increase the visibility of its corporate brand as an investment platform.



Valórem leads a diversified group of companies that grows through transforming or scaling service companies in the logistics and transportation, media and entertainment and industry and retail sectors. Valórem acts as a strategic architect for the companies in its portfolio, sharing management models, promoting corporate negotiations and transferring best practices. The management team decided to undertake a brand architecture project to increase the visibility of Valórem as an investment platform and study how to associate the brand with the companies of the Group.



Marqas recommended defining a central concept for business activities and philanthropic activity that was anchored in the history of the organization, that was broad enough to cover current and future businesses and that had the potential to become the central axis of the strategy. We also recommend simplifying the structure of the organization and determined that there should be a vehicle for business activity and another for philanthropy. In order to broaden the perception of the Group's activity, we recommended including descriptors by market and sector in the name of the companies. It was also decided not to endorse the media companies or the companies in which Valórem had no control, in some cases because they are well-known brands and in others because they are not owned by the Group. The new brand architecture presents the Group's activities in a clear way to all key audiences.