Optimizing the brand portfolio for a cold cuts producer in order to raise the brand’s visibility in the market.



Zenú produces and sells processed cold cuts, matured meats, sausages and canned vegetables, prepared ready-to-eat dishes and mushrooms. It is the leader in Colombia with 73% market share and in Panama with 24% market share. In spite of its leadership position, Zenu’s strength was being eroded and threatened because many of the brands in the portfolio were not clearly differentiated from competition.



Marqas developed an optimization strategy for the brand portfolio. After conducting a brand audit and a financial analysis, we proposed reducing the brand portfolio from ten to six clearly positioned brands. We defined a positioning strategy for the brands that were maintained and a transition or phase-out plan for those that were being eliminated. We also recommended a new nomenclature system and a redesign of their packaging system. The brand portfolio optimization improved the company’s operational efficiency and communications, and leveraged Zenu’s position as a leader in its category.