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Who we are

Marqas is a leading consultancy in brand strategy, brand design and brand management. We founded Marqas in 2003 in New York, with the vision of bringing our branding knowledge and experience to Latin America. Since then we have developed 106 projects in 19 industries and 8 countries. Today we are a team of 15 professionals who work from four cities – New York, Bogota, Mexico and Buenos Aires – and we are a benchmark in brand matters in the region.





What we do

We help our clients discover ways to accelerate business growth through branding. We believe that the brand is an organization’s most valuable asset and a powerful tool to help companies face the pressing challenges in today’s changing world: organizational transformation, differentiated customer experience, and tech-enabled innovation. We believe that the intersection between brand consulting, content creation and tech-enabled innovation is the foundation of business growth..

Consultoría en marcas

The brand is the strategic core of organizational transformation. We blend strategy with design to help companies clarify their purpose and organize their brand portfolio for the future. We help companies better connect with their customers and optimize their businesses by translating their vision into compelling brand experiences. Learn how we approach the process of brand creation and management through our IDEA™ methodology. The full range of range of services we offer include:


We review your business, competitive environment, communications, and customer needs to clarify your business strategy and guide the brand strategy.


We develop the structure that expresses your core purpose to align brand expression with business strategy and giving you a roadmap for the future.


We provide advice on when and how to change a name and develop corporate and product names that express your core essence.


We design logos, brochures, websites, apps and physical environments that are differentiate you from your competitors.


We work with your internal teams to create a roadmap for brand implementation, identifying critical milestones, responsibilities and budgets to ensure success.


We uncover the core idea that expresses your unique competitive value and weave it through your brand decisions and actions.


We establish and organize the underlying content—the core strengths and messages—that your brand should communicate to both external and internal audiences.


We develop a nomenclature system so any new names that you develop fot products or services support your brand and business goals.


We identify the right moments and approaches to create compelling experiences to bring a brand to life at launch and beyond.

Brand training

We develop a model for ongoing brand training meets your organization’s requirements and empowers your teams to deliver brand value for your organization.

Content creation

Content is the heart of a differentiated consumer experience. If you want to learn how we approach the creation of content through our partner network, send us an email at info@marqas.com. 

Tech-enabled innovation

Emerging technologies are the most powerful channel to fuel innovation. If you want to learn how we approach tech-enabled innovation through our digital tools, send us an email at info@marqas.com.

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