The Activate stage involves applying the brand to all the points of contact that exist between the organization and its target audiences. The goal is to create a distinctive and consistent brand experience across all communication channels. At this stage, we create tools and processes to manage the brand in the long term. Some of the activities we answer at this stage are:

Nomenclature system

¿How do we name our products and services offering?

Very often, as companies grow, the product and service portfolio becomes a labyrinth of names of various types that confuse potential consumers because they are random and not related to each other. An intuitive nomenclature helps the key audiences understand better our value proposition and find what they are looking for. The activities developed at this stage include:

Name audit

We create an exhaustive list of all the names of products, services, programs and other names of the organization and establish which names should be maintained, modified or eliminated.

Conceptual definition

To create a system of names it is important to establish rules about what types of name, grammatical structure or other conventions we should apply in the process of naming products and services.

Creation of names

Based on the conceptual parameters defined, we proceed to create names for all the organization’s products and services.

Line extensions

In general, the products and services of an organization do not exist in isolation but are grouped into families, so it is necessary to determine what extension needs exist for each product or service name.

Brand implementation

¿How do we create an integrated brand experience?

The strength of the brand depends to a large extent on the consistency with which it is implemented in the market. The conversion of a new brand can be a gradual or rapid process, depending on the strategic objectives of each organization. We accompany our clients in all aspects of the implementation process – from the planning stage to the supervision of suppliers on external partners. The activities developed at this stage include:

Applications audit

To understand the scope of brand implementation, we start with an audit. We prepare an inventory of all communication systems that must change throughout the entire organization and evaluate which brand applications should be maintained, simplified or eliminated during the brand identity change process.

Review of communication pieces

We evaluate the existing communication materials with respect to how well they adhere to the guidelines established in the brand manual and in relation to the parameters defined for the new brand identity.

Redesign of communication pieces

To rectify the communication we have reviewed, we redesign certain examples in order to show our client how the visual identity system can be better displayed in each case.

Supplier supervision

The brand implementation process involves different internal and external teams. The coordination of these teams is key to the success of the project.

Brand launch

¿How do we launch the new brand identity in the marketplace?

A brand exploits its full potential when it permeates all internal processes and influences everything an organization says and does. The brand launch process involves announcing the brand identity change to the different key audiences that interact with the organization. We participate in all aspects of the brand identity launch. The activities developed at this stage include:

Launch approach definition

We identify alternative methods for launching the new brand, depending on the needs and resources of each organization. We consider launch alternatives that range from a gradual launch over a period of time to a large event launch for greater impact.

Launch planning advice

The launch process activities vary depending on the variety of audiences and markets that are involved in each organization. We establish the sequence of important events through which the identity must be launched, first to internal and then to external audiences.

Launch events supervision

The launch of the new brand involves the coordination of different internal and external teams. We participate in the planning and execution of all brand launch activities and events.

Brand training program

¿What programs and tools do we need to train our key audiences?

An organization’s employees are the best brand ambassadors, that’s why it’s key to involve them at the beginning of a brand change..For this, we create the training programs and other necessary tools to facilitate the consistent management of the brand in the long term. The activities developed at this stage include:

Program structure

We advise organizations on the best way to train key audiences. The program can include face-to-face presentations to different groups, interactive workshops, online courses or other forms of training.

Creation of materials

We create the necessary content for training sessions and adapt the content to PowerPoint presentations, interactive workshops or online videos as required in each case.

Provide training

We lead the training presentations in different internal or external groups adapting them to the individual needs of the different key groups.


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