The Define stage involves establishing a brand concept that is aligned with the business strategy. The objective is to describe who the organization is and what it does to differentiate itself from the competition. This concept drives the creative development of the brand. Some of the activities we answer at this stage are:

Brand positioning

¿How should we position ourselves with respect to competition?

We define the organization’s brand positioning — who it is, what it represents and how it differentiate itself from competition. The positioning must be credible, relevant, distinctive, sustainable in the long term. This concept is at the heart of the brand strategy and serves as a basis for making strategic decisions and building the brand experience. The activities developed in this stage include:

Positioning platform

We define a positioning for the organization that describes who it is, what it represents and how it differentiate itself in the marketplace. This must be credible, relevant, distinctive, sustainable and reflect the value that the organization creates in its market.

Key messages

Based on positioning, we develop key messages to adapt communications to specific target audience needs.

Brand personality

¿What are our the essential brand personality attributes?

We define the organization’s brand personality. We select brand attributes that describe the spirit and essence of the organization. These attributes serve as a guide for the creative exploration and execution of all brand communications. The activities developed at this stage are:

Brand attributes

We define brand attributes that describe the spirit and essence of your organization. They serve as a filter to evaluate decisions on the verbal and visual execution of brand communications.

Mood boards

We visualize the brand personality attributes through ‘mood boards’ graphics that bring the recommended strategy to life.

Brand architecture

¿What is the optimal way to organize our value proposition?

The brand architecture establishes the relationship between the corporate brand, the business units, and the product and service brands. This structure must take into account a balance between present and future scenarios to allow adaptation to market changes. There are three basic models – monolithic, hybrid and diversified – that reach different levels of efficiency and flexibility. The activities developed at this stage are:

Portfolio structure

The development of brand architecture consists of classifying, ranking and ordering the entire value proposition of the organization to facilitate access to its products and services.

Role of the corporate brand

In the development of the brand architecture, the role and scope of the corporate brand and its relation to the other brands of the portfolio is determined.


Portfolio optimization

¿What opportunities exist to optimize our brand portfolio?

Mergers, acquisitions and new product launches mean that organizations frequently have too many brands and need to consolidate their portfolio. The brand rationalization process involves making decisions such as when to create, eliminate or extend brands to maximize market coverage and in turn minimize the overlap of brands with the same value proposition. The activities developed at this stage are:

Role of brands

We optimize the potential role of each brand so that the portfolio performance is efficient in the long term. The process of streamlining the portfolio may include maintaining, consolidating, extending or creating new brands.

Transition plan

The consolidation of a portfolio must be done with a careful transition plan so as not to lose the value in the market when certain brands are eliminated.

Integration of new businesses

Over time, organizations acquire new companies, venture into new businesses or launch new products and services that must be integrated into the portfolio.


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