The Express stage involves bringing the brand strategy to life through names, logos, shapes, colors, typographies, language and images. The creation of the brand identity is the crystallization of the strategy. The objective is to develop a brand identity that supports the positioning and reflects the brand personality. Some of the activities we answer at this stage are:

Name creation

¿What recognition and value does our corporate name have?

A name is not just a word. It is the world of associations and the meaning that are built around that word through time. We create memorable names that communicate the essence of an organization, product or service. Its creation is an analytical and creative process that involves a mixture of linguistics, psychology, popular culture and common sense. The activities developed at this stage include:

Corporate name

The creation of a name begins with the generation of a wide list of names that communicate the essence of the organization, a selection and evaluation based on strategic and functional criteria and the registration of the final name.

Corporate slogan

A slogan can synthesize the positioning and help the brand is immediately understood and remembered by the relevant key audiences.

Logo development

¿What value does our logo have and how should it evolve?

The logo is the most visible expression of the brand. It is the corporate signature and the flag under which the organization identifies itself. We create distinctive logos that synthesize the brand strategy into a unique graphic expression. A good logo should be simple, memorable and easy to apply in different media. The activities developed at this stage include:

Exploration and selection

We outline a series of graphic concepts that reflect the distinctive features of the organization and select those creative alternatives that are most relevant based on certain determining criteria.

Refinement and application

We present our creative alternatives to the client and explain the different graphic solutions explored. The feedback allows us to determine the best option and enhance those aspects that need to be highlighted or retouched.

Final logo delivery

We deliver a final logo in all its versions, in digital files or final artwork ready to be reproduced in print or be used by a designer.

Visual identity system

¿What visual image should our brand identity project?

The brand identity system connects all the brand touchpoints that make up the brand experience. Its development extends the scope of the brand identity through a palette of graphic resources that combine to adapt to different formats and media. A visual system must be consistent and flexible to adapt to the organization’s growth. The activities developed at this stage include:

Identity elements

We create a multi-sensory vocabulary through the mixture of resources such as layout, typography, color, photography, illustration, language and messages. The combination of these elements creates a brand’s own Visual and verbal identity system that communicates the essence of the brand with a single voice.

Applications development

We extend the brand identity to all communication systems including stationery, brochures, advertisements, digital media, packaging, promotional, uniforms, vehicles and signage. This creates a clear and consistent brand experience.

Brand guidelines

¿How do we document and organize our brand assets?

The brand manual contains all the necessary information to guide those who must produce communications materials within the organization. This includes the brand strategy, the rules for the use use of the corporate name and logo and a detailed description of each of the components of verbal and visual identity, as well as its application to all the communications systems. The activities developed at this stage include:

Brand guidelines structure

The brand guidelines structure includes an introduction describing the importance of creating a strong brand and general guidelines for the use of the document, the positioning summary, personality and brand architecture, the identity elements and the different applications to communication systems.

Brand guidelines development

The creation of the document includes detailed guidelines on the use and development of each communications system, illustrations of each application and technical specifications so that the piece can be reproduced, printed or manufactured by external suppliers.


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