The Identify stage involves analyzing all the available information about the organization, its parts and the market in which it operates. The objective is to diagnose how it is positioned with respect to the competition, how it is perceived by its key audiences and what image it projects in the marketplace. Some of the activities we answer at this stage are:

Market dynamics

¿What are our market trends and dynamics?

Building a successful brand requires a clear vision of the future. It is important to understand what affects us today and anticipate what will come tomorrow. For this, we study the global environment, the industry trends and key audiences’ needs. The objective is to identify patterns and discover the best strategic opportunities for the brand. The activities developed in this stage include:

Study of the global context

We carry out a study of the global environment in which the organization operates to know the external factors that affect its performance and growth potential.

Industry analysis

We analyze the industry or sector in which the organization currently operates to know the critical issues that can expand or limit its development and growth.

Evaluation of the target market

We evaluate the target market in which the organization operates to understand the needs, preferences and attitudes of the end user of our brand.

Competitive environment

¿What is our competitive environment like?

We conduct a study of the communication practices of leading global companies, as well as our client’s main competitors. The objective is to understand in what context the organization operates, how the competition is positioned and what image they project in the market. This information serves to understand how other companies have faced and resolved similar brand strategy issues. The activities of this stage include: 

Global and regional benchmarking

We conducted a study of the communication practices of leading companies at a global and regional level, which face brand issues similar to those of our client. 

Current and emerging competition

We analyze the profiles of current and potential competitors of the organization to understand the opportunities for competitive differentiation in that environment.

Analysis of perceptions

¿How are we perceived by our key audiences??

Knowing the perceptions about the organization and its brands is fundamental to discover a differentiating and relevant positioning concept. We conduct in-depth interviews with internal and external key audiences, as well as conducting other forms of research. The objective is to deepen our knowledge about the challenges faced by the organization and its brands. The activities at this stage include:

Internal perceptions

We organize a program of interviews with members of management and people from different areas of the company to know how the organization is perceived.

External perceptions

We organize a program of interviews with external audiences including clients, consumers, suppliers, distributors, press, government and opinion leaders.

Top of mind

We analyze the studies and marketing research carried out by the organization to understand each brand’s characteristics and top of mind.

Brand audit

¿What are our current communications practices?

We evaluate communications practices to understand how they influence the perception of key audiences. This includes the analysis of the name, the logo, the nomenclature of products and services; and the use of elements of visual and verbal expression such as layout, typography, color, images, slogan, language and messages. The objective is to understand what image the organization projects in the market and what aspects of the brand experience should be modified. The activities at this stage include:

Organization fundamentals

We carry out a study of the basic fundamentals of the organization to know its history, structure, current strategy, culture and future plans.

Communications practices

We evaluate communication materials to understand how our verbal and visual communications influence the perception of key audiences.

Economic value of brands

We analyze the financial results of the organization’s brands to have a perspective on the contribution and the economic potential of each brand of the portfolio.


We discover business and communications opportunities.


We develop strategies that create long-lasting value.


We create distinctive and memorable brands.


We implement the brand through all touchpoints.

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