Restructuring a regional leader in the steel industry.


Acesco is a leading company in the production and marketing of steel products of the highest quality (galvanized steel, pre-painted, corrugated zinc tile, mezzanines, roofs and pipes) with 50 years of experience in the market. Given the new dynamics of foreign competition that required a deep transformation, Acesco decided to renew its brand identity to continue being perceived as an innovative company and keep its brand positioned as a leading brand in the market.


Marqas developed a comprehensive brand strategy, design and implementation project. We recommend a positioning, personality and a new slogan: “La confianza que nos une”. We organized the brand portfolio at the regional level, eliminating some of the local company identities and simplifying the product and service nomenclature. At the same time, we redesigned the logo, maintaining the existing chromatic range, but adding a blue tone that brings vitality. The monogram consists of two pieces that touch at a single point, achieving a balance that forms the A of Acesco. This symbolizes Acesco’s balance between the solidity of the industry and the ability of the company to adapt to the needs of its customers. For the visual system we decided that by rendering applications only on white and blue we could communicate firmness, security and confidence. As a key element of the system and to facilitate the creation of materials and the communication of key messages, we designed an orthogonal shaped window with two cut corners, which mimics the slope of Acesco’s A. It is within this window where messages are communicated succinctly and directly. This element makes adds flexibility to the design of communications materials. Acesco successfully launched its new brand at the celebration their 50th anniversary. This new brand identity represents the unity to unconditionally support customers and business partners.

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