Unifying the brand identity of two leading companies in the financial sector.


Alianza Fiduciaria and Alianza Valores ​​are leading fiduciary and investment companies in the Colombian market. They are part of the Delima Organization, a symbol of trust in Colombia and Latin America. After receiving an important investment to expand their businesses, the two companies decided to undertake a program to renew the brand to signal change and project a new image at this new stage of the company. In addition, although the two companies needed to be kept separate for legal reasons, they wanted to unify the image at a communicationsl level.


Marqas developed a positioning strategy, a brand architecture and redesigned the brand identity. As part of the recommendations, the descriptors of the individual businesses were eliminated and the identity was unified under a single Alianza brand. The new logo is a triangle or arrow that points upwards and symbolizes stability and growth. The new blue color used adds vitality and energy to the brand. The new brand was implemented through all the communication materials. Today Alianza projects a more modern image that helps ithem grow and expand in the long term.

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