Restructuring the product portfolio of a dairy company that grows and diversifies.


Alpina is a leading dairy company and one of the most recognized brands in Colombia. The increase in competition, due to the entrance of retail companies with their own brands in the market, presented an important challenge and threatened the leadership of Alpina’s brands. Alpina decided to undertake a comprehensive strategy and brand identity program to consolidate its portfolio and face the market challenges.


Marqas carried out an audit and a detailed diagnosis of Alpina’s entire global portfolio of products and services. In the evaluation, we discovered opportunities that brands had to communicate their potential to key audiences that they had never communicated to before. We develop a positioning strategy around the concept of “unconditional quality”. We also defined a brand architecture to group products and services into new categories and simplified the existing nomenclature system. As part of the process. we created the brand guidelines to manage Alpina’s brands as well as their portfolio of sub-brands. As a result, Alpina rescued the brand equity in many of its product brands which allowed them to enhance their communications. The new brand strategy prepares Alpina for a new stage at the same time that the company celebrates its 75th anniversary in the market.

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