Extending a fish and seafood brand to different food categories and geographic markets.


Antillana is a leading company in the fishing, cultivation, industrial processing and marketing of fish and shellfish nationally and internationally, with 28% participation in the Colombian market. The company produces and markets a wide range of products that are of superior quality and are easy to prepare. Their vision is to be the preferred brand of frozen foods in Colombia. To achieve this goal, Antillana set out to define a brand strategy that would facilitate the expansion of the business to the desired categories and markets and Marqas was hired to do the project.


Marqas developed a brand strategy that defines how to position Antillana in the frozen foods market and how to explain to consumers the way to discover and take advantage of the benefits of such foods. The objective is to transform the perception of frozen foods so that each meal is a moment in which the consumer enjoys more with less effort. In addition to defining brand positioning and personality, Marqas developed a spectrum of brand architecture scenarios to illustrate how the Antillana brand can be extended in the future to other food categories as well as to different geographical markets and distribution channels. The scenarios contemplate all the dimensions of brand extension and potential growth for Antillana.

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