Creating a brand for an integrated technology solutions company.


Axede is a provider of integrated solutions in the field of information and communication technologies for the corporate sector and telecommunications operators. The company, previously called EBD (e-Business Distribution Technologies), had a great recognition of excellent service in the market but did not have a distinctive and memorable brand to face the new challenges of regional expansion. The name EBD (e-Business Distribution Technologies) was generic and did not have much meaning, besides that it could not be registered in some markets.

Integrated solutions of information and communication


Marqas recommended to position the brand as an integrated technology solutions partner. To do that, we changed the name from eBD to Axede that evokes connectivity and easy access to the services the company offers. The new logotype symbolizes the union and close relationship between the company and its customers. The orange color was retaken from the previous image, while the wine color adds seriousness and distinction to this new brand against the competition. Axede positioned itself in its market as the link between the concepts of ‘technology’ and ‘access’, with an identity that allowed it to project a closer and more modern image.

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