Banco W

Revitalizing of a bank’s brand to project a more approachable image.


The WWB Bank is a bank that has a long history of supporting and strengthening the businesses and initiatives of the microentrepreneurs and independent workers in Colombia. Its mission is to contribute to the quality of life of people with lower income, by providing them with simple and innovative financial products and services, in a responsible, profitable and sustainable manner. The bank’s management wanted to revitalize its brand to be closer to its customers.


Marqas developed a new brand strategy identity for the bank. We simplified the name to Banco W, created a slogan —”So simple, so kind“— and created the new visual identity. The new identity uses a rounded approachable typeface. The word “bank” is rendered in the color orange that symbolizes energy and the letter “W” is rendered in white, to convey the message of transparency. The aquamarine circle gives the brand a differentiating touch and projects peace and confidence. This new brand will allow Banco W to generate greater remembrance and closeness with their customers and help communicate their commitment and innovative ideas that generate transformation and wellbeing for their stakeholders.

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