Creating a system of graphic panels for the leisure, common areas of a bank.


Grupo Bancolombia is one of the most important financial institutions in Latin America. To consolidate its merger with other institutions, the bank centralized several subsidiaries into a new headquarters and built a new building for its headquarters that projects the values ​​of functionality, simplicity and modernity. On the last floor, recreation areas were built, such as a cafeteria and a gym, among others. Marqas was hired to design these areas.


Marqas designed a series of decorative panels for the recreational spaces (cafeteria, restaurant and gym) located on the top floor of the building. We installed 300 graphic panels along the perimeter of these common areas. These decorative panels are inspired by themes of nature, and organized to form a spectrum of color, according to the colors of the rainbow. These decorative panels contrast with neutral tones used for walls and furniture. In combination with the terraces and the panoramic view of Medellin, the panels brought a breath of color to the top floor of the building. The new headquarters of Bancolombia was awarded as an example of well-being for employees and the urban development of the city.

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