Rebranding a mercantile exchange that diversifies its business operations.


The Bolsa Nacional Agropecuaria de Colombia (BNA) was a mixed economy company with 30 years of experience in the agricultural sector. It was specialized in the exchange of agricultural products, in addition to bonds and derivatives, among others. That history that contributed excellence, limited its expansion to be conceived as a stock market specialized in agriculture, although it had begun to market different financial instruments. To expand and diversify its activity, BNA decided to redefine its brand identity.


Marqas proposed a transformation of the organization that included repositioning, changing the name and creating a new visual identity. The company was renamed the Bolsa Mercantil de Colombia (BMC). Thus the attributes that limited the range of activity at a local and sectoral level were eliminated from the name. The logo and a new visual system were redesigned. 

The new visual system was applied to all communication materials: advertising, internal communications and website. BMC is today a public arena of international negotiation with a diversified offer of goods and services, and which projects a leading identity in the trade of basic products and financial instruments. The organization also hopes to improve its visibility in other countries of the region through alliances with international exchanges.

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