Casa Luker

Restructuring a diversified consumer products company’s brand portfolio.


Casa Luker was a traditional chocolate manufacturer that became a consumer products company with operations in several countries. Even with a broad portfolio of food and cleaning products, the company’s brand image remained circumscribed to the chocolate business. To expand regionally, Casa Luker decided to change its brand to expand the perception of the company.


Marqas developed a brand strategy to reposition the company and separate its image from the chocolate association. We defined a hybrid brand architecture model that maintains the strengths of the Casa Luker name, but maintains the product brands independent. The product portfolio was grouped under five mini-umbrella brands for the five main business units: chocolate, flour, coffee, canned goods and cleaning products. A new graphic identity was designed that captures the flexible and enterprising spirit of the company. The new logo projects openness, collaboration and teamwork. The identity system was consistently applied to all corporate materials from the Internet site and signage to brochures. This communications platform helped Casa Luker project a strong brand that is not associated with a specific product. In 2006, Casa Luker celebrated 100 years and launched this new brand identity that serves as a platform for future efforts of diversification, expansion and growth of the company.

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