Casa Q

Creating a brand for a restaurant with an eclectic and experimental personality.


Casa Q is a restaurant in the heart of Colonia Roma in Mexico City, which offers top quality meats and cocktails. It is a place that is defined by its eclectic personality, it functions as a restaurant and gallery. Its walls are decorated with works of art by various contemporary artists that include techniques ranging from muralism to glass work. Casa Q opened its doors and needed a brand identity that would help communicate its eclectic and experimental personality and distinguish it from its competitive environment.


Marqas recommended the name of Casa Q and based the logo design on a monumental Q that reflects the intention of the brand to be a milestone in the field of food and in the artistic community. We combined the Q with a handmade signature that embodies the human side of the processes in their kitchen and the art that decorates their walls. The secondary graphics are silhouettes that create an image of multiplicity, and give it a great feel for graphic experimentation, promoting its potential to be unique and memorable. The color palette reflects a sophisticated atmosphere, using mostly white and black for its connotation of seriousness and elegance but combining them with a red accent that speaks of the specificity and passion inherent in the project.

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