Transforming a financial services company into an energy provider.


Colinversiones was dedicated to providing financial services and its brand was recognized mainly by investors and stockbrokers. As of 2007, the company redefined its strategy to focus on the generation and distribution of electricity. Despite its successful business expansions and excellent reputation, the Colinversiones brand was known only to investors and stockbrokers. Her identity lacked recognition in the energy sector, since she was perceived as a financial services company. The management decided then to undertake a project to reposition the brand.


Marqas developed a strategy and brand identity to position Colinversiones in the energy sector and help them to be perceived as an integrated company. A shorter, wider and more universal name was chosen: Celsia. The new name evokes concepts such as “excellence”, “excelsa”. A new logo and visual identity was created to bring the brand closer to the energy sector. Marqas simplified the nomenclature of the names of the plants to unify the communication. Since the launch, Celsia has grown and positioned itself as an important competitor in the energy sector and has grown regionally through acquisitions. Marqas advised Celsia in the integration process of the acquired companies. Celsia has been able to project a brand that shows a strong and integrated company. They are now poised to become a major competitor in the region’s energy sector.

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