A ceramics manufacturer repositions the brand under the concept of ‘spaces to live better’. 


Corona is a leader in the manufacture and sale of home improvement and construction products which include sanitary ware, tile and wall coverings, faucets, tableware, insulators and adhesives. The eight business units had different brands and focused communication on the intrinsic characteristics of the products when in reality all the products contributed to creating integrated environments. The communication of Corona’s business units did not project the image of an integrated company and there was no consistency in the use of the brand throughout the organization.


Marqas recommended broadening the perception of Corona under a new positioning around the idea of ​​’spaces to live better’, and integrate its offer of products and services. The different business units’ denominations were unified under a single identity, the nomenclature was simplified and some product brands were consolidated. A clear, contemporary and timeless logo was created and a uniform and flexible visual language was created to be used in throughout the company’s communication systems. The brand experience in retail environments was also designed to highlight value-added services. The new identity was applied to catalogs, ceramic products and signage at all points of sale. In 2005 the launch of the new identity allowed to promote the understanding of Corona as an integrated company, offering value-added services. At the same time, it helped to strengthen the brand value with a view to international expansion and to consolidate the company’s internal culture.

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