Revitalizing a margarine brand and extending it to other categories.


Dagusto is one of the most recognized margarine brands in Colombia. Marqas was hired to define the product brand architecture and redesign the packaging system. Faced with a market that had evolved over time, we saw in Dagusto an opportunity to revitalize the brand.


Marqas defined the personality and essence of Dagusto and then applied it to communications materials. The new logo maintained the idea of the holding shape but it was redesigned with a more modern and friendly typography. The new identity reflects the original values ​​of tradition, craftsmanship and quality associated with the world of confectionery. Each of the product lines was color coded in order to create a clear and consistent visual language. Currently, Dagusto projects a more sophisticated, aesthetic and expressive image, aand has the ability to extend its brand to a wide range of food products.

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