Creating a modern brand identity for an animal protein store.


Solla Organization specializes in animal nutrition since 1948 and is well known for its quality among industrial audiences. In 2013, the company saw a new business opportunity that consisted in creating its own meat sales space, vertically integrating its different businesses.


Marqas developed a brand strategy that understands the retail format not only as a point of sale, but as a space to inspire, consent and provide solutions to customers. Under the concept of “first class meat, at your fingertips” a demanding, creative, practical and sensitive brand was developed to meet the needs of consumers. Marqas created the name “Delecta”, an invented word with strong associations to the category of first range meats. The design of a visual identity was developed, ranging from graphic communications and packaging, to the design of marquees and facades of the premises. Delecta was born as a brand close to the consumer and extendable to a wide range of products ranging from beef to fish and seafood.

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