Repositioning a consumer product company through the extension of a product brand.


Dicorp was born as a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of rice. Its original brand ‘Arroz Diana’ is very well positioned in the market. However, with time, Dicorp was transformed until it became a leading consumer products company. In this process, the company created and acquired several brands in different product categories. As the portfolio grew, management began to face the challenge of which brands to maintain, eliminate or extend to new product categories.


Marqas was hired to make a detailed diagnosis about the value of each of the portfolio’s brands and determine their potential. Given that the Diana brand was better known by key audiences than Dicorp, we recommend replacing Dicorp with Diana as a corporate brand and group all the organization’s businesses under it. We defined a positioning strategy around the concept of ‘family relationships’ and a brand architecture organized in three business lines – food and beverages, animal nutrition and agricultural solutions – that cover ed the entire value proposition. We also recommendeed expanding the role of the Diana brand as an endorsement brand for certain products. A broad and different positioning concept than that of direct competitors and an architecture that explicitly communicates the integration of the value chain (food to agricultural ingredients) gives Diana a clear advantage to boost its growth in the future.

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