Integrating different brands of pasta within a Food Group’s portfolio.


Doria is a leader in the production and commercialization of pasta with 50% of the participation of the Colombian market. The company competes with three traditional and clearly positioned brands: Doria, Monticello and Comarrico. To strengthen its position and increase its weight in the category, management decided to re-evaluate its product portfolio to detect growth opportunities.


Marqas studied the value of each of the brands and detected that the three were in the growth stage of the product life cycle, with good performance and clear and differentiated positions. We recommended to take advantage of the strengths of Doria and Monticello to extend them to other food categories: the first as a mega-brand in the middle-income segment and the second as a premium brand. In the case of Comarrico, it remained positioned in the most economical segments. As a result of this strategy, Doria, as a leading brand, promoted a category growth of 2.7%, and achieved a market share of 37.8% in value.

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