Transforming an insurance company into a company dedicated to human development.


La Equidad is a cooperative insurer set up to promote a savings culture and insure people, their families, their assets and their businesses. Owned by cooperatives and their own workers, La Equidad promotes the strengthening of cooperativism and the practice of its principles and values.


Marqas understood that the opportunity for the consolidation of Equidsd was to take advantage of the brand assets that it already possessed. Its name, its form of cooperative organization and its link with sports allowed it to transcend its sector and position itself as an organization that provides solutions for the integral development of the individual. The recommendation was to eliminate the “seguros” descriptor, adopt a unitary brand architecture model and redesign the logo around the existing concept. Once the mission of Equidad as an organization in favor of human development had been defined, we developed a strategic diversification plan that allowed the company to operate in other industries (financial services, recreation, tourism, among others) and thus create a brand experience to support the growth strategy.

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