Creating a new brand identity for a hotel with an innovative value proposition in the market.


Esencial is a new chain of moderately priced hotels that belong to the Organización Estelar. The chain is the result of a segmentation strategy that seeks to supply the market’s need for a hotel of good quality, reasonable prices and basic services.


Marqas proposed the creation of a new brand that will be positioned on the concept of ‘basic, fundamental’. The name Esencial emerged as a proposal to emphasize the quality focus on the basic service offered by the hotel. In turn, the visual identity of the brand was worked to reflect the attributes of simplicity and warmth, characteristics valued in the industry. A logo was designed that combines a simple geometric figure with a clear and contemporary typography; and it was decided to establish the color red and its complementary tones to transmit the sensation of rest and tranquility. Esencial plans to enter the market with a new brand aligned with the innovative concept of offering basic services. The new identity of Esencial, innovative and dynamic was implemented and communicated effectively through hotel promotional announcements and magazine announcements.

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