Repositioning a company that provides solutions for personal care.


Fájate is a company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of post-surgical girdles and shapers. In a growing and increasingly unprejudiced market regarding the use of these garments, the company needed, on the one hand, to add aesthetic value to its products and, on the other, to adopt a differential positioning that would project it as the leader.


Marqas proposed a brand strategy that would point to an emotional differentiation that would allow Fájate to expand the line of business to shapers, clothing and accessories. To do this, they defined a bold positioning that talked about freedom, security and pride with a message that was 100% unisex. Marqas recommendation was to redefine Fájate as a company that provides solutions for personal care and offers a perspective on beauty that is more tolerant, healthy and democratic. To do this, Fájate should look for a new, less limiting name that would allow her to act in the different markets, eliminate the logo of the female silhouette and renew their visual identity in favor of a more timeless aesthetic. Focused on a positioning for profit and with the aim of developing a consumer experience, it would become an extroverted, emotional and distinctive brand.

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