Extending an industrial Group’s brand to take advantage of synergies between different businesses.


Fanalca is a diversified industrial conglomerate that operates in the metallurgical, textile, automotive, public services and transportation businesses. It has a strong international presence in several countries in Latin America. Fanalca decided to review its strategy and brand identity to study what businesses should carry the Fanalca brand and which ones should have an independent brand.


Marqas was hired to define a relevant and distinctive brand positioning for the organization and develop a brand architecture to organize and clarify the role of each brand in the portfolio. We recommend applying the Fanalca brand to the business units (cars, motorcycles, performance apparel, assembly, concessions and construction) and extending the Fanalca brand to those operating companies in which Fanalca had control of the business along the entire value chain (from manufacturing to commercialization). The new positioning strategy and brand architecture allowed Fanalca to clearly define the scope of the corporate brand, take advantage of the synergies between the business units and help to unify the internal culture of the organization to allow future expansion.

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