Simplifying a brand portfolio for a consumer and retail company in Honduras.


Farinter is a Honduran business group dedicated to manufacturing, importing and marketing pharmaceutical, dermo-cosmetic and consumer products that meet the highest quality standards and improve the health and quality of life of its customers. They also have four retail chains with the brands: Kielsa, Vaver, Farmex and Herdez. In its growth and expansion process, Farinter acquired and developed several companies and product brands. As a consequence, the proliferation of brands did not present the image of an integrated company, required a high investment in communications and hindered access to the offer of products and services.


Marqas was hired to define a brand strategy for the Farinter Group that would differentiate it from the competition and that would facilitate the expansion of the business to the desired markets. The new positioning sought that the Farinter Group went from being perceived as a drugstore to being perceived as a distribution and development company of solutions in health and wellbeing. The theme of brand architecture recommends homologizing the business units under a strong corporate brand, focusing the portfolio of brands on strong brands and eliminating or consolidating weak or confusing brands. Regarding the pharmacy formats, the identity of Vaver pharmacies was maintained and it was recommended to redesign the identity of Kielsa pharmacies so that they can endorse their own brand products. We also recommend renewing the corporate logo visual identity system so that the Group presents a more contemporary image. The new strategy gave the Farinter Group a solid platform to continue expanding in the region.

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