Integrating various businesses of a leading bank in Central America.


The Ficohsa Financial Group is a leader in the Honduran market. It controls a bank, an insurer, an exchange house and a brokerage house that, in turn, operated with multiple brands for their products and services. This produced a fragmentation in the identity and personality of the group, which had to be reversed to consolidate its power in the market. The need to create synergies between the different businesses led Ficohsa to rethink its brand strategy.


Marqas developed a brand strategy that repositioned Ficohsa as a Financial Group committed to the progress of its community. We established a program of basic and tangible mechanisms to achieve change and worked on the consolidation of a unitary model of brand architecture. For this purpose, we designed a new identity that reflects the evolution from the concept of the ‘F’ of the original brand identity, to the formation of a flag. We used cold colors that support the concepts of a serious and solid Group. Marqas also defined the nomenclature system eliminating independent brands and naming the different businesses with generic descriptors. With the launch of its new identity, Ficohsa managed to revitalize its brand and position itself as one of the most secure, solid and reliable institutions in the financial and insurance sector in Honduras. Uniting his portfolio under a single brand allowed Ficohsa to project a defined personality and an integrated visual identity.

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