Creating a nomenclature system to clarify the value proposition of a faucet manufacturer.


Grival is a leading brand in the manufacture of fittings and accessories industry. It is part of the Corona Group, a conglomerate dedicated to the manufacture and sale of products for home improvement and construction. Despite its recognition in the market, Grival had a weak and fragmented image, and unrelated to Corona, its mother brand.

Profitability, efficiency and support.


Marqas identified that the application of Grival’s institutional communications was inconsistent and did not have clear guidelines for co-branding cases (Corona – Grival). We developed a naming system to apply the Grival brand in relation to Corona’s corporate brand – its parent company. Grival strengthened its visibility in the competitive environment and took advantage of the Corona Group’s brand recognition. The visual tools were organized so that the implementation of the new identity in product communications helped to consolidate an integrated image that favored both brands.

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