Grupo Argos

Restructuring and redesigning the brand identities of a diversified industrial group.


Argos, which started as a cement company, is today a diversified industrial Group with investments in the energy, ports, coal and real estate sectors, among others. Grupo Argos needed to renew its corporate brand identity and create a brand architecture to organize all its investments.


Marqas recommended a hybrid brand architecture in which Cementos Argos held the cement company brand and different names were created for companies in other sectors. The brands created are: Celsia for the energy company, Compas for the ports, Sator for the coal and Situm for the real estate business. Marqas also designed an integrated visual identity system, differentiating each brand with distinctive colors and logos, but with common elements: This strategy of different sub-brands related to the corporate brand means that the Group’s value offer is better understood for its audiences in the different markets.

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