Grupo Nutresa

Restructuring a diversified food and beverage Group that had a limiting name to grow.


The Grupo Nacional de Chocolates is the largest diversified food and beverage conglomerate in Colombia and has a presence in almost all Latin American countries. The corporate name limited the company’s diversification strategy and expansion plans. In addition, mergers, acquisitions and very rapid growth made Nutresa have a very extensive portfolio of more than 90 brands in six product categories. Many brands lacked a clear positioning or fulfilled the same function as another brand in the portfolio.


We develop a positioning strategy and brand architecture for the entire Group. One of the recommendations was the change of corporate name. Nutresa was the chosen name. It is a broad, evocative name that opens the way for them to diversify their activity and expand. The existing logo was redesigned and the visual identity system reflects themes of nature

We feed a better tomorrow.

The new design was applied to all communication materials. In addition, Marqas carried out an evaluation of all the brands of the portfolio and recommended restructuring it by promise and optimizing the performance of each brand. After simplifying the structure, some brands were eliminated, others became sub-brands and others were extended to cover different categories. Different levels of hierarchy and scope of brands were created to balance the composition of the portfolio. A conceptual tool was also developed to make decisions about how to apply and extend brands in the future. This new brand identity aligned with the trends of the sector and the simplified brand portfolio unify the Group and enhance its visibility in the different markets.

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