Creating of a brand for a platform for receiving payments in Peru.


IziPay is a platform for receiving payments in Peru. This platform unifies in a single terminal the reception of all debit or credit card payments in the market. It is a service highly valued by the small and medium merchant because it significantly reduces the initial investment and commissions for the seller. The project included the creation of a name and identity design.


 Marqas created the name iziPay, a phonetic derivation of the English words Easy Pay that mean easy payment. Although this brand is based on a foreign word, it is a clear and approachable name for the user because it is pronounced as it is written. The typographic logo in lower case uses the letter Z to represent the flexibility and simplicity of the transactions. The letters I that frame the letter Z represent two people making use of the platform. The base color is a coral that differs from the blues and grays that predominate in the financial services competitive environment. Combining the coral color with turquoise increases the visual impact and is in line with current design trends in technology. The visual system complements the objective of creating an approachable brand for the target of the base of the pyramid and away from urban centers, communicating everything through succinct, clear and direct messages.

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