La Cabaña

Redesigning a sugar mill’s corporate brand to strengthen its local presence.


Ingenio La Cabaña is an agroindustrial company dedicated to the production and commercialization of sugars and their derivatives. The company has more than 40 years of experience in the Colombian market. The visual identity was perceived as old and disassociated from the company’s activity. It was necessary to revitalize it and modernize it to project a more innovative and dynamic brand image.


Marqas developed a positioning strategy based on the concept of energy. We designed a logo that represents the sun’s energy and the protection of the environment with a color palette different than the one used by competitors. The range of yellow, brown and brown colors were used to highlight the link with nature. The new brand was successfully applied to a range of communication materials, including a very diverse packaging system. At present, the La Cabaña projects the concepts of well-being and care, and is perceived as fresh and friendly, attributes associated with a renewed company.

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