La Joya

Creating clear nomenclature that allows a cleaning products brand to extend to the whole category.


La Joya is a very diversified household cleaning brand. Its product portfolio extends from laundry detergents, cleaners and furniture polishers to glass cleaners. In a category in which brands compete to distinguish themselves in the gondolas of stores and supermarkets, La Joya’s challenge was how to enhance their brand visibility without losing the differences between product brands.


Marqas recommended strengthening the La Joya brand in the category of household cleaning and extending to the industrial segment. To do this, we established where La Joya should be used as a brand. In addition, we created a nomenclature system that prioritizes the visual and verbal elements of packaging, such as product names, varieties, promotional phrases and endorsements. We also designed a new version of the logo that supports the distinctive attributes of the brand. Finally, we developed a visual vocabulary to apply throughout communications to unify all information included in packaging. With the new brand identity and the nomenclature system La Joya managed to clearly and consistently communicate the value of each of its products and enhance its brand image. At the same time, the new brand reinforced La Joya’s visibility in stores and supermarkets, and facilitated the understanding of each of its products.

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