Revitalization of a ceramic brand that competes in the United States market. 


In 2004 the Corona group acquired Mansfield, a traditional manufacturer of sanitary ware, which had an important network of distributors in the United States and Canada. To gain market share, Mansfield needed to revitalize their brand identity, which was perceived as antiquated, and project a consolidated image through communication materials.


Marqas studied the behavior of the players in the competitive environment and identified an opportunity to position the company around the concept of “design and style at an affordable price”. We rescued the elements of the original identity that contributed value, and that were quickly associated with Manfield’s products, and adapted to the brand identity of Corona, the parent company. The new identity was applied to an extensive range of communication materials. The revitalization of the brand identity allowed the company to project a fresh and modern image, closer to the consumer. At the same time, by defining criteria to be used in communications materials Mansfield strengthened its presence in a market led by companies such as American Standard and Kohler.

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