Redefining an agroindustrial company to enhance its leadership.


The Manuelita Group is an important conglomerate with operations in the cane, palm, aquaculture, fruit and vegetable markets. It has a history of more than 140 years and an excellent reputation in the market. Although the Group had diversified its activities, the Manuelita brand was perceived solely as a sugar brand. There was a need to raise the visibility of the brand and communicate the different businesses that the Group was involved in, in order to become a leader in the agro-industrial sector in Latin America.


Marqas recommended a positioning oriented towards people and purpose: “We work diligently to reap the fruits of a better tomorrow”. We also recommended a brand architecture organized by client segment. Certain product brands were eliminated, and new ones were created to enter into new businesses. The nomenclature system was also simplified. We recommended to keep the name Manuelita, but to design a new logo and a more contemporary visual identity system that favors the synergy between the different business units and helps to project the image of a unified group. The recommended positioning strategy, together with the redesign of the brand identity that emphasizes an honest, expert and responsible personality, will boost the growth of Grupo Muelita. By 2020, it could become the leader of the agroindustrial sector in Latin America, recognized for its business model based on economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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